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At the regional level, overarching legally binding instruments have been adopted by States in fourteen regions for the preservation of their regional seas, including the Mediterranean Sea that has adopted the first regional plan on marine litter. In the Mediterranean, the overall objective of EU-funded Marine litter MED project is to support UN Environment/MAP Barcelona Convention and its Contracting Parties through the implementation of the Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management in the Mediterranean, adopted by the COP 18 of the Barcelona Convention (Istanbul, 2013).

The Marine Litter MED project is conducted in synergy with the relevant work under UN Environment/GPA Global Partnership for Marine Litter, the implementation of the European Union (EU) Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Union for the Mediterranean Sea H2020 initiative for a cleaner Mediterranean, the EU SwitchMed Programme and in coordination with the other European Regional Seas. Specific Objectives of the Marine litter MED project are to implement selected marine litter policies and common reduction measures at sub-regional/national levels. Through a regional coordination mechanism for marine litter prevention and management, the project promotes best practices, the regional application of harmonized approaches in relation with other regional actors, and collaboration with the Black Sea Commission.

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